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Attention all Guitarists

2010-09-26 21:05:54 by LoneSaiyan115

Hey everyone... Ive been on a Red Vs Blue tangent as of recently. I re-watched all of the Recollection series from the dvds... and I remembered how much I loved the meta theme... so I want to make a rock/metal tribute song to it, only problem is I only know how to play drums haha... so if their are any guitarist, bassists, keyboardists that would like to help me on this little project let me know, I have a drum beat already recorded its right here, i recorded it on electric kit that i have in my dorm at college right now

heres the original theme if you haven't heard it p0ZE

if your interested let me know and ill explain more on the direction I wanted to go with the song. Thanks

He wants a badass theme... well more badass... Help Me Give Him One!!!!

Attention all Guitarists

Hey All

2010-06-04 17:40:29 by LoneSaiyan115

For those who have commented on the songs I posted, Thank you for you input, it means a lot. Spread the word about the music though the more ppl know the merrier haha